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Hi, and thanks so much for coming to check out my travels! Sharing travel tips is one of my greatest joys, and nothing would make me happier than you taking away a little piece of points and miles wisdom or a great dinner rec to use on your next trip. 

Before we dive in, though, I thought I’d give you a rundown on how everything is organized around here to make your navigation experience as smooth as possible!

These posts will take you deeper inside my points and miles strategy to show you how I earn free trips. They’ll cover lots of helpful info for beginners (and if you’re looking for more, don’t forget to check out the 52 Cities free resource library or hop on my next points and miles masterclass!)

These posts are full rundowns of trips I’ve done, including where I stayed, what I did, where I ate and more. They’ll be some of the longest posts on the site and go into detail about the points and miles I earned and used to make them happen!

These are guides to cities I know well—the ones I’ve explored for at least a week or, in many cases, visited many times! I’ll compile recommendations from multiple trips to create a comprehensive resource you can use on your own visit.

These posts will suggest how best to spend your time in a certain location. In some cases, they’ll mirror trips I’ve done, and in others, I’ll tweak my itineraries that I think could have used some improvements. 

This is where we’ll really drill down into the the practical details of each location, and I’ll do my best to give you a heads up on anything confusing or unexpected you may encounter!

In these posts, I’ll dive into the more experiential parts of my trips that warrant their own posts (think whale watching in Mexico, dining underwater in the Maldives, sunrise volcano hiking in Bali—you get the picture!) They’ll include plenty of tips and useful info you can use on your own adventures.