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About 52 Cities
Hi! Welcome to 52 Cities, where I chronicle an ongoing challenge to visit at least 52 cities in each calendar year—and explain how I, a millennial journalist who squanders an unreasonable chunk of her monthly paycheck on rent, has gotten it done each year since 2011. Stick around and you, too, will the find the points-and-miles resources and strategies you need to travel anywhere you want for free, no matter your age, salary or place of residence. And should you happen to be looking for the best gluten-free, vegetarian food in Boise, Idaho, you’ll probably find that here, too.

A quick note: I use the term “city”pretty loosely; some of the locations featured here are towns, landmarks or national parks. Anywhere I went intentionally for the express purpose of checking it out makes the cut. “52 Destinations” just didn’t have the same ring, you know?

About Me
I’m Carly, financial reporter by day, and near full-time traveler…well, also by day. I’ve been working remotely on and off since 2013, and since then I’ve worked from at least 20 countries and most U.S. states. When I’m not on the road, I call Portland, OR’s Pearl neighborhood home, though my real home is Chicago (and I’m pretty damned proud of it). Non-travel-related passions include NHL hockey, camping, design, dogs and Mexican food. I also play the Irish fiddle.

For a few notes on how to navigate 52 Cities, visit the start here page!


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